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Dart’s 13 degree cylinder head has been the standard in Dirt Late Model racing for years, and MBE has advanced this casting farther than anyone. While other cylinder head porters have stuck with the same designs, MBE’s R&D program has continually found ways to improve its version of this head year after year. In fact, MBE’s 13 degree program has proven to be worth 30 horsepower and 39 lb/ft of torque better than practically anything else on the market. Add to that an intake manifold custom ported by MBE to your engine’s specifications, and you have an unbeatable combination.



This cylinder head works well on engines up to 450 cubic inches thanks to a port that maximizes flow with excellent velocity.  Combustion chambers can be sized between 34 and 58 cc's, depending on your needs.  The intake valves measure 2.200 inches in diameter and the exhausts are sized at 1.590 inches.  The result is an astounding 395 cfm of the intake and 280 cfm on the exhaust while keeping the ports small enough so that the driver still has a snappy throttle response.  And remember, those cfm numbers are guaranteed--MBE is the only cylinder head porting specialist in the industry willing to stand behind its flow numbers.



Intake: 395 cfm. Exhaust: 280 cfm.

Intake Valve Diameter: 2.200

Exhaust Valve Diameter: 1.590

Combustion Chamber:

Volume: 34 to 58 c.c.

Seats: 8 Steel Intake, 8 Steel Exhaust

Minimum Bore: 4.125

Intake Manifold: Ported Edelbrock with MBE Tapered Spacer

Rockers: Jesel, T&D, Crower

Complete Assemblies Available

BASE PRICE $3,875.00 (Per Pair)



(additional to base price)


Intake Valves: Titanium, $976. or Stainless $394.

Exhaust Valves: Titanium, $932. or Stainless $394.

Seats: (16) Copper Beryllium $696.

Retainers: Titanium, $328.

Locks: Titanium Locks, $252, Steel Locks, $62

Spring ID Locators, $94.40

Lash Caps, $228

Valve Seals, $24

Rockers: T&D $1536

Coat Valves: (8) $312.

CC & Deck, $180

Assembly, $140

Manifold: $691.88

Porting: $1900

Carb Spacers: 1, $175 or 2, $165

Springs: Call



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