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If you are a drag racer running a small block, MBE’s 13 degree head offers the most bang for the buck you will find anywhere. This head will outperform any SB2 Cup-style cylinder head. Need proof? How about a documented 950 horsepower with these cylinder heads running a single carburetor and a cast manifold?


The secret is a CNC porting program that completely reworks these castings. MBE doesn’t mass produce cylinder heads. Instead, it concentrates on producing highly efficient heads for top-level competition, and the result is precision far beyond what you will find anywhere else. For example, in order to match more engine packages, MBE has designed three distinct port profiles for the 13 degree MBE head, and the largest works with engines up to 450 cubic inches.


Valves are sized at 2.230 inches for the intakes and 1.600 for the exhausts, and the combustion chambers can be sized anywhere between 29 and 55 cc’s depending on your engine’s requirements. MBE’s port flow coefficients for these heads are unmatched in the industry: 440 cfm for the intakes and 270 exhausts—and remember, MBE is the only cylinder head specialist that guarantees its published port flow numbers.


These heads are especially popular in nitrous and naturally aspirated applications. MBE also offers a custom CNC machined lightening program that shaves four pounds off of each head—that’s eight pounds off the top of the motor! When mated with MBE’s custom ported cast manifolds designed specifically for these heads, the combination is dominant on the drag strip.


Intake: 440 cfm. Exhaust: 270 cfm.

Intake Valve Diameter: 2.230

Exhaust Valve Diameter: 1.600

Combustion Chamber:

Volume: 29 to 55 c.c. Nitrous

Seats: Steel (or) Copper Beryllium

Exhaust Flange: Either

Minimum Bore: 4.125

Intake Manifold: MBE Billet Manifold (or) Sheet Metal

Rockers: T & D

Complete Assemblies Available


(additional to base price)


Intake Valves: Titanium, . or Stainless, .

Exhaust Valves: Titanium, . or Stainless, .

Seats: (16) Copper Beryllium 

Retainers: Titanium, .

Locks: Titanium Locks, , Steel Locks, 

Spring ID Locators

Lash Caps

Valve Seals

Rockers: T&D Alum , or T&D Steel, 

Coat Valves: (8) .

CC & Deck


Manifold: MBE 4150 Billet .     MBE 4500 Billet .

Valley Tray: MBE Billet Valley Tray .

Springs: Call



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