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MBE’s cylinder heads have dominated the Winner’s Circle in Northeast Modified racing for the last decade, and now they’ve put the competition even further in the rear-view mirror with their groundbreaking Next Generation big block technology.


The 18 Degree Big Block Next Generation head is different than any other 18 degree head available. This head is so advanced compared to anything else out there it literally creates an unfair advantage on the race track. We’re talking 900 horsepower and 730 ft/lbs of torque on the very first dyno test on a Northeast Modified big block engine. That’s an advantage of 50 to 60 horses over the very best current conventional heads, and as engine packages are optimized around the Next Generation heads that number is only getting bigger! The intake ports flow an incredible 425 cfm, while the exhausts move 302 cfm out of the combustion chambers.


MBE uses its own proprietary casting because the Next Generation cylinder head is so radically different than anything else out there. By raising the valve spring pockets 0.500 of an inch, MBE was also able to raise the roof of the intake ports an equal amount. This allows vastly improved port flow while also narrowing the ports over the short turn to maintain ideal port velocity.


All conventional big block cylinder heads have two “bad” ports, which always flow significantly less than the other two ports. Besides reducing the amount of air and fuel you can get into the engine, this difference in the amount of flow also makes these engines difficult to tune for maximum power. But the Next Generation cylinder head not only eliminates the “bad port” phenomenon, the flow in the weakest port of this new head exceeds the very best of the “good” ports from conventional heads by 10 to 13 percent! Average flow across the board is as much as 40 cfm better than anything else out there. And because all four intake ports in the Next Generation head flow within one percent of each other, engines upgraded with these heads are easier to tune for peak performance.

Besides the revolutionary ports, MBE has also moved the intake guide bores from the traditional locations. This change improves mid-lift flow numbers which will help you make more passes coming out of the turns and off restarts.


A unique one-piece rocker bar draws on the best designs from Pro Stock Drag Racing and utilizes 16 fasteners to securely lock it to the cylinder head. The design provides unparalleled stiffness and valve control for improved valve train life and a higher redline than you will get with any other cylinder head.


And if you want the ultimate in power production, MBE also offers its own ported intake manifold that’s designed specifically to work ideally with this unique cylinder head. Together, they are practically an unfair advantage over the competition.


Intake: 425 cfm Exhaust: 302 cfm

Intake Valve Diameter: 2.300

Exhaust Valve Diameter: 1.800

Volume: 83 to 105 c.c. 

Seats: Copper BerylliuM, Steel or Moldstar

Exhuast Flange: Std

Minimum Bore: 4.380

Intake Manifold: MBE Cast

Rockers: T & D or Jesel

Complete Assemblies Available


(additional to base price)


Intake valves: Titanium .

Exhaust valves, Titanium .

Seats: (16) Copper Beryllium 

Retainers: Titanium Retainers .

Locks: Titanium Locks, , Steel Locks, 

Spring ID Locator, 

Lash Caps, .

Valve Seals, 

Rockers: T&D Alum, , T&D Steel, .

Coat Valves: (8) .

CC & Deck, 


Manifold: Intake, 

Porting with Lightening, 

Carb Spacers, (1) 

Springs: Call



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