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//4.500 RO7 GM CUP


When NASCAR approved Chevrolet’s new RO7 racing engine, MBE was one of the first shops anywhere with access to the castings to develop port profiles for the RO7 cylinder head. And MBE’s port designs for the RO7 head are so good that they have been raced by some of the top NASCAR Cup teams that normally race only their own equipment. If you are in the market for a top-flight RO7 cylinder head package, MBE is one of the only shops outside of the big NASCAR teams capable of  producing race winning R07s.


MBE’s version of the RO7 is fitted for 2.200 intake and 1.600 exhaust valves and has combustion chambers that can be sized from 33 to 50 cc’s. It will also accommodate pushrods up to ½ inch in diameter. The ports have been extensively worked until they can produce a class-leading 430 cfm through the intakes and 270 through the exhausts. And remember, MBE is the only induction specialist in the industry willing to guarantee its flow numbers.


This head design lends itself to high-rpm small blocks in no-holds-barred racing series. When paired with one of MBE’s cast intakes ported specifically to match these cylinder heads, the power is unmatched.


Intake Valve Diameter: 2.200

Exhaust Valve Diameter: 1.600

Combustion Chamber:

Volume: 33 to 50 c.c.

Seats: Steel (or) Copper Beryllium

Exhaust Flange: Either

Minimum Bore: 4.130

Intake Manifold: MBE Ported Cast

Rockers: Jesel / T & D

Complete Assemblies Available

BASE PRICE $8,372.00 (Per Pair)



(additional to base price)


Intake Valves: Titanium, $976.

Exhaust Valves: Titanium, $932.

Seats: Included

Retainers: Titanium, $328

Locks: Titanium Locks, $252, Steel Locks, $62

Spring ID Locators, $94.40

Lash Caps, $228

Valve Seals, $24

Rockers: Call 

Coat Valves: (8) $312.

CC & Deck, $180

Assembly, $140

Manifold: Intake, $700

Porting: $2100

Carb Spacers: 1.5, $140

Springs: Call



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