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For years MBE’s 11 Degree Big Chief cylinder heads have set the standard for power for drag racers in S/C, S/G, T/S, T/D and any other Outlaw class with power adders. But despite owning several records  the company has refused to sit on its hands, instead developing an all-new head design that’s sure to set an avalanche of new records and E.T.’s.


MBE’s new “Big 9” cylinder head is a revolutionary update with so many changes it required an all-new casting. A 9-degree valve angle combined with intake ports that have been raised a whopping 0.400 of an inch means these heads flow an unmatched amount of air and fuel. In fact, the intakes flow a documented 600 cfm on a Superflow 1020 flow bench and 635 on a 600 bench, and MBE is the only cylinder head specialist that guarantees you will see the same numbers on your own bench or your money back.


Even with the raised runners, this new head will work with a standard intake manifold to save racers money. However, MBE also has custom ported intakes to take full advantage of this head’s incredible airflow potential.


Besides the new valve angles and the ports, these heads are packed with additional features. For instance, the valve locations have been rotated in the head similar to the company’s ultra-successful DRCE3 heads. This new arrangement allows for much larger pushrods – a minimum of 0.500 of an inch—to improve valve train stability. Plus, there’s a custom shaft mount rocker system for these heads that utilizes a one-piece rocker bar with 24 fasteners to really lock the valve train in place. The result is excellent high-rpm valve control, even with some of the largest valves in the industry. It is essentially like bolting up an NHRA Pro Stock rocker system at no additional cost.


These “Big 9” heads are packed with 2.550-inch intake valves and 1.810 exhausts to help move tons of air and fuel.  Currently, these are the largest intake valves used on Big Chief heads for a 4.840 inch bore spacing.  Early tests have shown that this new head is 50 horsepower better than MBE’s already class-leading 11 Degree Big Chief, so it is certain to be dominant in upcoming seasons.


Intake: 600 cfm. Exhaust: 360 cfm.

Intake Valve Diameter: 2.550

Exhaust Valve Diameter: 1.810

Combustion Chamber: Std. or N20

Volume: 54 to 66 c.c. Nitrous

Seats: Copper Berylium

Intake Manifold: MBE Cast (or) Sheet Metal

Rockers: T & D 


Complete Assemblies Available

BASE PRICE $6,826.00  (per pair)



(additional to base price)


Intake valves: Titanium $932

Exhaust valves: Titanium $908

Retainers: Titanium Retainers $280.

Locks: Titanium Locks, $252, Steel Locks, $52

Spring ID Locator, $94.40

Lash Caps, $208

Valve Seals, $24

Rockers: T&D Aluminum, $2940., T&D Steel, $3975.

Coat Valves: (8) $296

CC & Deck, $180

Assembly, $140

Manifold: Intake, $681

Porting, $2200

Carb Spacers, (1) $175

Springs: Call





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