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//NHRA FORD 4.900



MBE has two Pro Stock cylinder head offerings for Ford racers that are complete clean-sheet designs and feature the latest discoveries from MBE’s ongoing R&D programs to aid port flow and increase the rate of burn inside the combustion chambers.


MBE offers two versions of the NHRA-legal Pro Stock heads--a small port and a large part--and both are proven race winners. In order to perfect each design for the application, they also have different, specific valve sizes and angles. The small port head is specifically designed to make the best power in engines between 430 and 460 cubic inches, but just because we call this a small port head don’t make the mistake that it also means small amounts of flow. In fact, it’s just the opposite. When outfitted with 2.520-inch diameter intake valves and 1.800 exhausts this head flows an impressive 577 cfm through the intake and 350 out the exhausts. And remember, MBE is the only induction specialist willing to stand behind its advertised flow numbers with a guarantee that you will see the same or better performance on your own flow bench.


To squeeze the absolute most power out of your engine combination, MBE can also help you develop a sheet metal intake precisely tuned to the requirements of these heads and the rest of your engine package. Because these competition-ready cylinder heads feature the latest advancements to stay ahead of the pack, MBE keeps many other specs for this head proprietary. But please call for more information.


Intake Valve Diameter: 2.520

Exhaust Valve Diameter: 1.800

Combustion Chamber: 

Volume: 47 to 57 c.c. 

Seats: Copper Beryllium or Steel

Minimum Bore: 4.600

Intake Manifold: Sheet Metal

Rockers: Jesel

Complete Assemblies Available




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