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MBE’s new 10 Degree Small Block cylinder head is ready to set the racing world on its ear. This cylinder head is a complete rethink from top to bottom with every component designed to work in harmony to produce the most power possible. And the results speak for themselves: The intake ports are capable of moving an incredible 425 cfm for tons of horsepower while still maintaining good port velocity so that the driver still has excellent throttle response.


In addition to the unique ten degree valve angle, MBE achieved this incredible performance by raising the spring pockets 0.250 of an inch. This creates room to increase the radius of the short turn so that the incoming air/fuel charge moves through the port with greater efficiency. The intake valve locations have also been moved 0.160 of an inch so that the sides of the combustion chambers no longer pose a restriction. This head fits blocks with a 4.400 bore spacing and combustion chambers are available from 26 to 48 cc’s, depending on your needs.


MBE revolutionary 10 Degree head is so unique that it required a brand-new casting. MBE even thought to modify the water jackets to improve cooling and changed the traditional spark plug location to keep fuel from puddling around the threads while also improving the initial flame kernel. The competition may try to copy it, but without MBE’s proprietary casting no one can even approach this cylinder head’s performance.


Optional O-ring grooves can be cut into the intake flange to make your life easier—no more intake gaskets or messy silicone. MBE has also developed an exceptional lightening program for these heads that removes as much as five pounds. For racers, it’s hard to beat cutting 10 pounds of weight that high on your chassis.


A new one-piece rocker bar has been widened to provide additional stiffness and provide a more stable base for the valve train. In addition, five additional fasteners help lock the bar solidly to the head. The improved valve control created improves valve control for better valve spring life and a higher redline than you will get with any other small block head.

And if you want the ultimate in power production, MBE also offers its own ported intake manifold that’s designed specifically to work ideally with this unique cylinder head. Together, they are practically an unfair advantage over the competition.


Intake 425 cfm

Exhaust: 285 cfm

Intake Valve Diameter: 2.230

Exhaust Valve Diameter: 1.600


Combustion Chamber: Std. or N20

Seats: Steel • Copper Beryllium

Minimum Bore:

Rockers: T&D • Jesel

Complete Assemblies Available


(additional to base price)


Intake Valves: Titanium, . or Stainless, .

Exhaust Valves: Titanium, . or Stainless, .

Seats: (16) Copper Beryllium 

Retainers: Titanium, .

Locks: Titanium Locks, , Steel Locks, 

Spring ID Locators

Lash Caps

Valve Seals

Rockers: T&D Alum., T&D Steel , Jesel Call

Coat Valves: (8) .

CC & Deck


Springs: Call

Manifold: MBE Billet 4150 .      MBE Billet 4500 .

Valley Tray: MBE Billet Valley Tray .



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