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//MBE 12 degree Canted Valve SBF (Power Adder and N/A)


MBE’s new CID Canted Valve Small Block Ford cylinder head is so good it replaces both the vaunted D3 and SC1 cylinder heads.


MBE did this by building two versions of this head, one for oval track racing and a second for all out drag racing. The drag race head maximizes power with larger ports and the unconditional step of refining the valve angles to make additional power.


With 2.285 inch intake valves, the intake ports flow over 485 cfm and have great mid-lift numbers for excellent throttle response. In fact, the 410 cfm these heads flow at a 0.600 inch valve is greater than many heads can flow at any lift. Meanwhile, the exhaust valves are sized at 1.625 inches and flow 310 cfm. And remember, MBE is the only cylinder head manufacturer that guarantees their advertised flow numbers with your money back if you don’t see the same results.


Instead of the usual 10 degree valve angle, MBE had done all the work to move the valves to a 12 degree angle. While the competition is still at 10 degrees, the additional angle takes advantage of an improved combustion chamber shape for better power and reduced chances of detonation. This is also one of the reasons this head works very well with all types of power adders. A soft chamber along with the 12 degree valve angle reduces the quench area so these heads are more resistant to detonation than just about anything else out there. Depending on whether you run naturally aspirated or power adder, the combustion chamber is quite adjustable and can be sized anywhere from 73 cc’s all the way down to 35. 


Like we said earlier, MBE’s new CID head replaces both the D3 and SC1 cylinder heads because it will easily outperform both on the track. Besides the improved port designs, these heads are also cast with extra thick decks so that they won’t flex or create head gasket problems. There’s also a custom one-piece rocker stand that uses 29 fasteners to secure the rocker arms to the head for the ultimate in valve control. For big-inch small block Ford engines with a displacement from 410-500 inches, these heads are practically impossible to beat.


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