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   FORD BILLET 4.380

"These are really a pair of cylinder heads you've got to see

  in action to believe!"








After an intensive research and development process, MBE has developed the most highly engineered small block Ford cylinder head in existence! MBE's new design is produced exclusively in billet for ultimate performance. It works best in big-inch or high-rpm applications running the standard 4.400-inch bore spacing, and it is sure to be a big winner in Comp Eliminator, Outlaw Australian, Pro Stock and many other drag racing classes. Nitrous friendly chambers. At 400 C.I.D. our customers have already made 1185 H.P.



Brand new raised port designs achieve flow numbers that were previously unheard of in a small block. Combined with 2.320-inch valves, the intake ports flow an incredible 495 cfm, while the exhausts move 295 cfm of air and fuel when matched with 1.585-inch valves. And remember, MBE is the only induction specialist willing to guarantee you will see their advertised numbers—or better—on your own flow bench.


MBE has also developed a new water jacketing design that moves more water than any other billet cylinder head on the market. And we're not just talking a little bit—tests have shown as much as 70 percent more water! That kind of difference means cooler cylinder temps and less detonation, giving you a real advantage on the race track.


These new Small Block Ford Billet heads are available with custom-designed combustion chambers for either naturally aspirated or nitrous applications, depending on what you race. There's also an MBE-specific valvetrain for this head engineered with 32 fasteners locking the rocker bar to the cylinder head for the ultimate in valvetrain stability. Finally, MBE also has developed custom billet valve covers with integrated spring oilers to help you squeeze every last ounce of power out of your race engine.




Intake: 495 cfm

Exhaust: 295 cfm

Intake Valve Diameter: 2.320

Exhaust Valve Diameter: 1.585

Combustion Chamber: Std, N20 or Turbo

Seats: Copper Beryllium

Intake Manifold: Sheet Metal

Rockers: T&D


(additional to base price)


Billet Valve Covers with O-Rings (pr.): .

Turbo N20 Chamber:  .

Titanium Intake Valve, SB- Custom (8): .

Titanium Exhaust Valve, SB-Custom (8): .

Coat Intake Valves (8):  .

Titanium Valve Locks (16):  

Steel Valve Locks (16):  

Spring ID Locators (16):  

Lash Caps (16):  

Ti-17 light weight Titanium Retainer (16):  .

Valve Seals (16): 

Jesel Steel Rocker Kit  .

Springs: Call for Price



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