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//MBE Small Block Chevy Wedge 13 degree “DRAG”


These aren't your usual small block Chevy heads by any stretch of the imagination. MBE’s wedge design takes all the tricks the company has developed in years of winning drag racing and puts it into these all new heads.


The design is so revolutionary that MBE has to start with its very own casting. Longer 6.200 length valves (the standard is 5.800 to 5.900) allows the spring pocket to be moved up making room for better ports.The ports feature the largest cross sectional area over the short turn of any wedge head you will find anywhere. They feed 2.230 inch intakes (with a 55 degree valve seat) and 1.600 inch diameter exhaust valves - all at a 10 degree angle. That all adds up to a cylinder head that flows a ton of air. We’re talking over 440 cfm through the intakes and 275 through the exhausts. There is also a rocker bar that's wider and uses more fasteners than practically any other you will find on a wedge head. And it’s that big rocker bar that creates valve train stability for a higher redline and fewer broken valve springs. And remember, MBE is the only cylinder head manufacturer that guarantees their advertised flow numbers with your money back if you don’t see the same results.


MBE also offers a “Billet 4500 Dominator Intake Manifold” replacing the 30 year old cast versions.


This is one of the best small block Chevy Wedge heads you will find anywhere. If you race a 4.400 inch bore space Chevy block, this is the cylinder head that wins races and sets records.


Complete Assemblies Available




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