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//MBE 10 degree Super Late Model Dirt SBC


Oval track racing requires not only great power production, but drivers also demand excellent throttle response and acceleration from lower in the rpm range so that they can pass coming out of the turns. And MBE has come up with a cylinder head for small block Chevy racers that does both better than anyone else there. If you race a 4.400 inch bore spacing block, this is the head for you.


This is another example of a cylinder head design so advanced that MBE had to have their own castings made. Longer 6.100 valves (the standard is 5.800 to 5.900) allows the spring pocket to be moved up making room for better ports. There is also a rocker bar that's wider and uses more fasteners than practically any other you will find on a wedge head. And it’s that big rocker bar that creates valve train stability for a higher redline and fewer broken valve springs.


With 2.230 inch intake valves, the intake ports flow incredibly well at all levels of valve lift. At just 0.400 of an inch of valve lift, there is already 299 cfm of air moving through the intake port. That jumps to 392 cf, by 0.600 valve lift, 421 by 0.800 and a maximum of over 430 cfm. The exhaust, meanwhile, is fitted with a 1.600 inch valve and flows 275 cfm. And remember, MBE is the only cylinder head manufacturer that guarantees their advertised flow numbers with your money back if you don’t see the same results.


This head is an excellent choice for dirt oval racers running either Super Late Model or Sprint Cars (MBE has provisions for down nozzles built into the castings.) Also, MBE has recently developed a package with smaller intake and exhaust ports for Midget racers, creating a cylinder head that is truly tough to beat.


We also offer “4150 Billet Intake Manifolds” for this for 3 different rpm ranges and engine displacements.


Complete Assemblies Available




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