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//MBE 18* Conventional BBC Max Pull 2.500


This is a conventional big block style cylinder head that produces maximum torque for truck pulling engines. We guarantee you’ve never seen a cylinder head quite like this, because we know nobody else can build a head like this.


MBE uses the same quality processes on this cylinder head that it uses in its Pro Mod and Pro Stock cylinder heads, and it flows more than practically anything else out there for tractor pulling. Raised ports along with valve locations that have been rotated in the combustion chamber allow for very large 2.500 intake and 1.830 exhaust valves. And that all makes for tons of flow. In fact, MBE guarantees this head flows over 530 cfm and they will give you your money back if you don’t see the same numbers on your flow bench. But the benefit isn’t only total airflow at maximum valve lift, the mid-lift flow numbers are also best in class as well for excellent torque production.


One of the biggest weaknesses of a conventional-style big block cylinder head is the unequal flow between the good pair of ports and bad. MBE has solved this issue with a totally revised port design that equalizes flow between all the ports. This significantly aids tuning and overall power production.(The right and left intake ports flow almost identical)


In addition, MBE has designed the top of the head to accept a single rocker bar that uses 18 fasteners to secure it to the cylinder head. This provides excellent rigidity for the rocker arms and helps maintain valve train stability even at ultra high valve lift and high rpm levels. All fasteners have a minimum of seven threads. None of the fasteners are located in the roof of the intake ports, making it impossible to pull the top of the intake port out.


And maybe best of all, MBE’s 18 degree Max Pulling cylinder head looks exactly like a conventional style head when it is on an engine - so nobody will know about your secret weapon! Simply put, this is the most impressive conventional head around.


Welcome to MBE we do not design with 1965 in mind!



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