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MBE’s P5 Dodge Hemi is a great example of an engineering exercise taken to the extreme. The Hemi is are already famous for great power production, but MBE has created a next-generation design that combines the raw power production of the classic with the latest advancements in induction theory to create what MBE owner Matt Bieneman calls, “the most efficient cylinder head that we sell, period.”


The P5 Hemi utilizes every trick in MBE’s extensive book to create incredible flow potential. This head features valve angles that MBE keeps confidential, and when equipped with Jesel’s rocker arms designed especially for this head the pushrods angles are perfectly straight. The chambers can be sized anywhere between 23 and 50 cc’s and are cut to accept 2.320 intake and 1.580 inch exhaust valves.


When you combine all of those factors with MBE’s top-of-the-line ports, the result is a jaw-dropping ability to deliver air and fuel into the combustion chambers. We’re talking about 485 cfm through the intake ports and 299 out the exhausts! And remember, MBE is the only induction specialist in the industry willing to guarantee its advertised flow numbers.


This is the cylinder head that helped Comp Eliminator racer John Edwards set E.T. and mph records. The ability to flow big numbers means this head will really separate itself from the competition as the rpm’s climb higher. On the engine dyno, it has been used to produce a proven 1,100 horsepower on a naturally aspirated 395 cubic inch engine at 10,000 rpm. This cylinder head is a great option for any race engine between 340 and 460 cubic inches, especially if your goal is an engine that keeps making power at rpm levels the competition has long declared to be “past the redline.”


Intake: 485 cfm. Exhaust: 299 cfm.

Intake Valve Diameter: 2.320

Exhaust Valve Diameter: 1.580

Combustion Chamber: 

Volume: 23 to 50 c.c. Nitrous

Seats: Copper Beryllium

Intake Manifold: Sheet Metal

Rockers: Jesel or T&D

Complete Assemblies Available



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