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MBE has one of the most advanced SB2 cylinder head development programs anywhere. NASCAR teams running MBE’s SB2 cylinder heads have won three Nationwide poles at Daytona, one Nationwide championship and three Camping World Series Truck championships. Teams that have used MBE-developed SB2 cylinder heads include Richard Childress Racing, Morgan McClure and Menards.


Part of the success of these heads comes from the tremendous amount of work MBE has put into developing optimized port designs for different applications. Depending on your needs, there are five different port sizes designed to work with engines racing everything from NASCAR’s top touring series, to dirt, to drag racing.


MBE’s SB2 ports are designed to provide maximum flow while still keeping the velocity high for good fuel atomization in the port and great throttle response. Large radiuses inside the ports promote smooth flow and an efficient race engine, and the result is an engine that produces more torque—and horsepower—all the way through the power band. These ports flow an astounding 430 cfm through the intakes and 275 through the exhausts. The proof that this port design works better than the competition is the fact that these MBE’s SB2 design is so popular among race-winning NASCAR touring teams.


MBE has SB2 heads available for both 4150 and 4500 carb applications.

The combustion chambers can be sized between 33 and 55 cc’s, and a wide range of valve sizes are available to take advantage of the different port profiles. Finally, to squeeze the most available power out of your race engine, simply add a cast intake custom ported by MBE to be a perfect match for these heads.


Intake: 430 cfm. Exhaust: 275 cfm.

Intake Valve Diameter: 2.210

Exhaust Valve Diameter: 1.570

Combustion Chamber: Std or N20

Volume: 33 to 55 cc.

Seats: Copper Beryllium

Minimum Bore: 4.125

Intake Manifold: MBE Ported Cast (casting numbers depend on application

Rockers: Jesel or T&D

Casting: Edelbrock

Complete Assemblies Available


(additional to base price)


Intake Valves: Stainless, . or Titanium, .

Exhaust Valves: Stainless, . or Titanium, .

Seats: Copper Beryllium Included

Retainers: Titanium, .

Locks: Titanium Locks, , Steel Locks, 

Spring ID Locators

Lash Caps

Valve Seals

Rockers: T&D , or Jesel Call

Coat Valves: (8) .

CC & Deck


MBE Custom Cast Manifold

Porting MBE Custom Cast Manifold: .

Carb Spacers: (1) 

Springs: Call



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